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Can we use quotation as exclamations with example

Quotations as exclamations

A - Did you hear that Mohan collapsed in the hospital?
B - My God! What happened to him?
A - He wasn't actually ill. He took his wife for a surgery and he was looking after her.
B - Mm... Mm...
A - Last night he suddenly collapsed.
B - Isn't it a pity!
A - Why do you go so early, Ramesh?
B - I do some extra typing work before I go to office.
A - And you always come very late. Why?
B - I do designing for another company after office.
A - Aren't you working hard!
A -   Who's that tall girl over there?
B -   That's Devi, my daughter.
A -   Devi! Has not she grown since I saw her last.

Mm... (With high rising pitch) means Sorry, I didn't hear you.
A - Did Ravi called me this morning?
B - Mm...
A - Did Ravi called me?
B • No, he didn't.
Mm... mm... (With falling pitch) means 'Yes I agree'

A - Railway is faster than the Highway, isn't it?
B - Mm... Mm...  more expensive as well.
A - That's true, but it's clean and reliable...
(Exclamation In each of the following group are in order of greater and greater feelings.
A - I've won the Junior Chess Championship, uncle.
B - That's great) Keep it up.
A - Thank you very much, uncle.
A - I'm first in the class, Dad!
B - That's wonderful, darling.
A - I scored 96 for Maths and 89 for Science.
C - That's fantastic Minu dear.
A - Thank you Dad... and Thank you Mum.
A -   Did you know David got a scholarship?
B -   Fantastic! What's it like?
A -   It's a free Engineering seat at the Anna University.
B -   Oh, isn't she clever.

Oh dear! Oh my God! Damm! Blast!! Oh hell! Bloody hell!!! (These
are used when something bad happens. But the ones with asterisks
are taboo... i.e., they are not in POLITE USE. Don't use them unless
you have to make a very strong impression especially 'Bloody hell!').
We often use the exclamation mark (!) with the exclamations in
writing. Though it is not very necessary, the exclamation mark
expresses a stronger feeling.
Oh hell:

Eg:- Oh hell! Somehow I messed the whole thing up.
Oh!                 Well!              These are used to express
My goodness!       Good heavens!    one's surprise. You mean this is a surprise.
My God!            Good God!

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