Wednesday, July 3, 2013

List of word to use Expressing Emotions

We use exclamations or interjections to express our strong feelings or emotions about something.
We express our joy, wonder, appreciation, surprise, admiration, pain and disgust.
1. My goodness/ My God!
2. Oh, dear.
3. Oh, ho., that's interesting.
4. Oh, realty!
5. How very beautiful!
6. How long and bright.
7. How interesting! (Admiration).
8 How clever.
9. It was great.
10. It was splendid.
11. it’s amazing!
12. Fantastic/ that's terrific.
13. Wonderful/ Marvelous.
14. it’s exciting/ thrilling.
15. How brave they are.
16. How fascinating | (admiration)
17. A visit to Hollywood!
18. I just can't believe it?
19. What a lucky chap your are
20. How daring?
21. You're really lucky. (Appreciation)
22. What a lovely garden! (Ex. wonder)
23 That's strange.
24. Would you believe it
25.that's incredible.
26 .H's credulous!
27. I appreciate your kindness.
28. Oh. How lovely! (Exp. Joy)
29 Ah that's Excellent:
30. Isn't it a wonderful process!
(Expr. surprises and wonder)
31 What a fine collection of CD's (appreciating)
32 That's a fine boy.
33. How silly! / How stupid / how idiotic.
34. What on awful example!
35 Wow!/ Ouch !/ Ymm/Yuk/ mmm...
36. What hell! / Blast! / What on earth is this? Damn. *
* (They're taboo unless you want to express stronger feelings of anger|
37 Just Fancy!/ Just imagine !/ Just think about it.! / Just figure it out!.

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