Thursday, August 15, 2013

Folk tale - reading is fun - story BAMBOO CURRY

1. One day the mother-in-law of a Santhal bridegroom cooked a special dish tor him when he visited her.

2. “This curry is delicious. What is it?" The mother-in law pointed at the bamboo door.

3. Next morning, just as he was about to leave, he remembered that there was no bamboo in his village.

4. So he removed the bamboo door and carrying it with him left for his home.

5. On reaching his village, he told his wife. "Make curry with t his bamboo door."

6. She was shocked. "How can I make curry out of a bamboo door?"

7. "Come, I'll help you by chopping up the bamboo," he said.

8. His wife boiled it and boiled it. Later when her husband tasted it he said, "It's too hard to cat.
You don't know to cook."

9. His wife added more water and boiled it and boiled it. “It’s still too hard. I can't cat it."

10. The in-laws came to visit the young couple that evening. They all laughed at his foolishness.
The mother-in- law said. "Didn't you know the curry was made from bamboo shoot and not from
a bamboo door?

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