Monday, April 21, 2014


One day, grandfather gave my brother
       and me some money.
"Go and buy books," he said.
  We were both very happy.
     We both love to read.

Should we go now?
Should we go later?
Should we go today?
Should we go tomorrow?
We decided to go right now.

Should we go to the big market?
Should we go to the small shop?
Should we go with somebody?
    Should we go alone?
We decided to go to the small shop,
     just the two of us.

   We like the small bookshop.
It is small but it has many books.
   The man in the shop likes us.
   He always helps us.

Should I buy a book with a lot of pictures?
 Should I buy a book with a lot of stories?
   Should I buy a thin book?
   I could not decide.

We did not know which book to buy.
  The man in the shop smiled at us.
   "Relax, come with me," he said.
These books are about animals.
    Those are about machines.
Those over there are about wars.
    Take what you want."

   I picked some books.
My brother picked some books.
   I sat on the floor.
   He sat on the chair.
And we read and we read and we read.

   It was very quiet.
There was no sound.
  One hour passed.
  Two hours passed.
Finally, we knew which books to buy.

The man in the bookshop smiled at us.
   I got a fat book with many stories.
My brother got a big book with many pictures.

We ran home to our grandfather.
   We climbed on his bed.
He put his arms around us and then
   We read, and read, and read.

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