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Verbs are words that show action. They indicate three different dimensions of time the present, past and future called tense. (e.g., sing, sang, will/shall sing) Auxiliaries are otherwise known as helping verbs. These words are used with present /past participles to make a complete verb. (e.g., 'be'/ 'do'/ ‘have’ verbs) Most action words show tense in a regular way and we state them under Regular
verbs. (e.g., dance-danced; show — showed) Yet, there are certain verbs which change their spelling to show the past tense and the past participle. (e.g.,ring/rang/rung; do/did/done) Such words are said to be irregular verbs.

A. Observe the following irregular verbs:

Present Past Past Participle
Arise arose arisen
Begin began begun
choose chose chosen
draw drew drawn
Eat ate eaten
Fall fell fallen
Give gave  given
Hurt hurt hurt
Know knew known
Lie  lay lain
Meet met  met
Pay paid paid
Ride rode ridden
spend spent spent
See saw seen
Take took taken

B. Fill in the appropriate irregular verbs:

Present Past Past Participle
write wrote written
teach taught taught
swim swam swum
bring brought brought
speak spoke spoken
swear swore sworn
go went gone
grow  grew grown
keep kept kept
run ran  run
fly flew flown
freeze froze frozen
break broke broken
drive drove driven
bite bit bitten
blow  blew blown

C. Read the instructions carefully and write short sentences accordingly:
i. Past tense of catch
ii. Present of bought
iii. Past participle of stick
iv. Past tense of build
v. Present tense of leave

D. Underline the correct word in the brackets:

i. _____Gracy (wear/wore/worn) her favourite frock yesterday.
ii. Lalitha has___ (took/take/taken) medical leave and is expected to join duty next Monday.
iii. According to Roy, within a month, the bamboo plant had ___________(grew/grow/grown) five inches.
iv. Before her demise, Cynthia's grandmother______ (gives/gave/given) her golden wristwatch to her.
v. Kiran and Karun__________ (choose/chose/chosen) a beautiful shade of
green to be painted on their bed room wall.

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