Monday, February 16, 2015

What is Suffix - English Grammar

A suffix is a part of a word that is placed at the end of the word to change its meaning.
Some of the common suffixes are- ing, ed, s and less
Example: play + ing = playing
Play +ed = played
You can also use a word as suffix
Example: child + hood = childhood
End + less = endless

Try to add a suffix to each word shown in the box below. Use the new word to form a meaningful sentence:

En, ed, mate, ing, ship,
a.      Call----
b.      Friend------
c.       Class ------
d.      Bright ----
e.      Wash -------

IV. Read these words one after the other. Read each word clearly so that others can hear the final of the word.

lead sleep Sent Back
wind tab hot Ask
stayed stop feast Trick
bread sheep Next Took
behind Pop Just Click
Reached Keep Left Woke
end drop Don’t dark

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