Friday, March 13, 2015

English tips - Easy to remember - tongue twister

Face is the index of the mind!

  1. Here are some faces depicting different expressions. Can you identify each with the expressions given in the list below?

Amused, thoughtful, hate, angry   , contempt, joyful, bored, sad


A growing gleam glowing green.

She sifted thistles through her thistle –sifter.


Which is the worst kind of driving school?

One that offers crash courses.


nancy john said...

It was not uncommon to find such people running schools in their mother tongue. As time went by and the country started blending, such people had to bring in English for instruction in school

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Learn English on Skype said...

What do mean Nancy? Which schools are you referring to and in which country? Nowadays considering that you can learn English online I think the whole world is "blending" as you put it!

nancy john said...

Second language is an important aspect for any person to improve job career significantly.

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