Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Learn some prefixes and meaning of prefixes along with compound words


 Let us learn what prefixes are:

The base part of a word is called the root. A syllable or part added before a word in order to change its meaning is called a prefix. Prefixes mean something and therefore add that meaning to the word they are joined to.

A.Here are a few examples.

No. Prefix Meaning Word
1 im- not impossible
2 dis- away or aprt disagree
3 mis- wrong misjudge
4 multi- many multiply
5 pre- before preview
6 bi- twice bisect
7 semi- half semi-precious

B. Match the given words with the rig ht prefix from the above list:

Comfort    loyal    movable    perfect    store
Reading        mature    final        behave    cycle

C. What are compound words?

When two words are brought together with or without a hyphen, they are called compound words. They give different meanings when they exist alone. e.g., postbox, pinpoint, cowshed, dry-clean, sense-organs.

Try this! - Match the following compound words and write them out:

first word second word new word
match hole
card pin
man board
safety fish
star box

New words and their meanings:

gallop -  to run
glide - move smoothly
fascinate - to charm, attract
endangered - in danger of extinction
abundance - plenty, large quantity
valuable - costly, precious shrink - get smaller in size
destruction - damage, ruin
mammals - an animal that is born from its mother's body, not from an egg,and drinks its mother's milk as a baby.
exotic - unusual, out of the ordinary
extinct - wiped out, destroyed
merely - only

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