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LET US REVISE - VERB and simple present tense with exercise

A verb is a word or group of words that expresses an action or says something about the state of the subject.

Expressing an action in the present time is known as the Present Tense.

e.g., Raju writes a letter. I study in the morning hours.

The Present Tense is the tense used to express:
    an action at the present
    a state of being or doing [eternal truths, or habitual actions];
    an occurrence in the (very) near future; or
    an action that occurred in the past and continues up to the present.

e.g., John (work) in a restaurant. John works in a restaurant.

1. Children___________ (make) a lot of noise.
2. Sarala_________ (like) music very much.
3. I _______(brush) my teeth twice a day.
4. She__________ (do) her homework regularly.
5. Kamala _____ (drink) milk for breakfast.
6. They _________(get up ) at 7.00 in the morning.
7. My father __________(arrive) home at 7.00 p.m.
8. Saina and Mary _______(go) to bed at 9.00p.m.
9. This train _________(stop) at Chennai.
10. We _______(play) football all the while.

1. Susheela /I  like walking in fl1e rain.
2 Nlohan / I usually comes home at 4 00 pm
3. Malar / Suba and Veena always cleans her room.
4. Amudha / You get up early.
5. I / Priya brushes her teeth every night .


The Simple Past Tense is used for past actions that happened either at a specific time, which can either be given by a time phrase (yesterday, last year, etc.) or understood from the context.

Example: I liked the film, She ate the fruit, They played football

Fill in the blanks with the past tense form of the verb given in brackets:

1 . The teacher ____ (give) instructions.
2. Sheena ______ (post) the letter.
3. The train __________ (arrive) late. I
4. The vendor _____ (sell) a kilo of brinjals.
5. I ______(forget) my book.

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