Thursday, April 30, 2015

English Exercise on Punctuation

Put commas wherever necessary in the following sentences:

1. We did not like her voice. However we kept quiet during the show.
2. I don't know Dinesh. In fact I haven't even heard his name.
3. Ms.Kiran Bedi the IPS Officer was the chief guest.
4. Kiran Bedi was born on 9‘"June,1949 in Amirstar Punjab India.
5. Mr. Ramesh the new Principal of our school is a very friendly person.

Use capital letters, full stops and question marks wherever necessary :

alexander : how should i treat you
porus : as one king should treat another
alexander : you are a brave man will you be my friend
porus : on one condition
alexander : what is your condition
porus : my kingdom should remain independent and you should treat me as an equal

Punctuate the following text.

i am waited for in egypt said the swallow my friends are flying up and down the nile and talking to the large lotus flowers soon they will go to sleep in the tomb of the great king swallow little swallow said the prince will you not stay with me for one night and be my messenger the boy is so thirsty and the mother so sad I don't think i like boys answered the swallow.

Correct the following sentences:
1.    He was rich and he were a miser

2. Each of the boy received a present. __________________
3. Good news have been received by the Head Quarters.
4. One of the boy looks happy.
5. No one knows the secret. _____

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