Monday, June 15, 2015

Choose the best antonyms for the italicized words from the options given below:

1. He cursed himself for his inability to fulfill the condition.
a) Inadequacy
b) Capacity
c) Ability
d) Sincere

2. His pictures were eagerly sought after.
a) Expectantly
b) enthusiastically
c) Differently
d) Indifferently

3. His expression was the most piteous one.
a) Pathetic
b) Joyous
c) Patient
d) Anxious

4. Do not tell him all my private affairs.
a) Impersonal
b) public
c) secret
d) privileged

5. Such men as the baron are very rare.
a) Common
b) Uncommon
c) Difficult
d) Dear.

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