Monday, June 8, 2015

Choose the context that is nearest in meaning to the italicized word in each sentence:

1. Hughie was popular with everyone.
a) The answer remains unknown.
b) Kolkata is a populous city.
c) The rat peeped out of its hole.
d) Sachin is a well known cricketer.

2. What an amazing model!’ said Trevor?
a) The patient had a surprising recovery.
b) The scenery was splendid.
c) The walls were brightly painted.
d) The issue is an alarming one.

3. The man held out his battered hat for alms.
a) The rear portion of the car was beaten out of shape.
b) The batsman batted continuously for two houses.
c) The house he lives in is modern and huge.
d) He was dressed in rags.

4. He extended as sealed envelope.
a) My friend offered me an invitation to the party.
b) The crowd kept swelling.
c) The narrow road expanded into a highway after a while.
d) The doctor examined the patient carefully.

5. His thick boots were patched and cobbled.

a) I got my new shoes from the cobbler
b) He gobbled up the food hungrily
c) The cable is under repair
d)  All the tears in the dress have been sewn up

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