Monday, July 20, 2015

Duty of students

Duty to fellow- students

Your duty to your fellow- students will teach you in later life and will secure for you the habit of co-operation. The foundation of the habit of co-operation is really to be laid in our student days, because you are trained to be together in your class, and you cannot have it all your own way, if you want to get on with your class. Therefore it you use your opportunities properly, you will know exactly how to get on with them by sometimes giving in to them and sometimes standing out for your own view, being regardful of the fallings and considerations of  other people . This habit of co-operation once acquired will continue with you all your life. It is not easy to acquire it in later life if you have not already acquired it in your student days.

Duty to parents and teachers

Your third duty is towards those in authority over you. Obedience to parents , especially during the time of student hood and reverence for teachers while you are studying under them – these are two of the most essential conditions necessary for acquiring knowledge and for taking the fullest advantage of those opportunities which are placed within your reach while you are students.

What are the two valuable qualities to be practiced by you as students?

While you are young men and students, while parents have to care for you and find means wherewith to enable you to prosecute your studies, it is necessary that their wishes should prevail with you in all matters, but when once your education is completed, and the struggle of life commences and when you are able to stand on your own legs, you owe it to yourselves and to your country, that you should use your own judgement as to what work you should do

Reverence towards teachers 

In the same way you owe reverence to your teacher while you are at school or college. Unless your whole attitude in the college and the school is founded upon a proper feeling of reverence for the teacher, you will miss one of the principal lessons of the school or college life, viz, the appreciation of discipline. Remember that in later life, along with the spirit of co-operation, what you will need most and what you need most in public life is a true spirit of discipline – the true spirit of that discipline which voluntarily subordinates your judgement, your convenience and personal gain to common good. Unless you acquire this habit at school or college, it will not be possible for you to acquire it in later life.

Duty to government

In addition to that, you owe a duty to the rulers, the Government which is the supreme authority over us all. Students with their generous mind an unsophisticated hearts naturally fall an easy prey to stirring up emotion. But that very circumstance unfits them in some instances to exercise independent judgement on current affairs. In any case, as long as they are students, not standing on their own feet, it is not heir business to do so. While they are students, their attitude towards the Government of the country, such as it may be good, bad or indifferent, should be one of acquiescence, loyal acquiescence.

You should do nothing whereby your relations with the authorities will be disturbed, you should, no doubt, study public questions. But wait for your time. But while you are students you should give no cause to anybody to say that your attitude towards the authorities is none of greater or less hostility.

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