Tuesday, August 4, 2015

usage of word "Like" in English

'Like' at a verb is used for expressing person's preferences.
a) Like is followed by different structures
Like+ object noun (or pronoun)
Eg -I like Ice cream Chitra likes Unni.
My father likes working for All India Radio.
Like + object + V.ing
a) We don't like anyone suffering because of us
b) I like her singing and playing me piano.
Like + to + verb - (prefer or choose)
a) I like to go to bed early
b) I like to watch TV at night.
Like + object + to + verb
a) The President likes the reporters to get their facts checked
b) The teacher wants his students to revise their lessons before the examinations
I hate / I'm fond of / I'm crazy /I prefer
a) I am very fond of dogs but I hate cats.
b) I am crazy of ice cream and chocolates
c) I prefer coffee to tea in the evenings

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