Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Writing Skill improvement: Idioms to know

Are you idiomatic? Here are some idioms associated with music:

1. To  face the music – to answer for the consequences of one’s  actions
2. To harp on the same string – to make the same point over and over again
3. To strike a chord – to remind one of something ; a feeling of instant rapport with others
4. To sing someone’s praises- to speak very highly of someone
5. To make a song and dance about- to make an unnecessary fuss about
6. To beat the drum- to spread the news, support enthusiastically
7. To play second fiddle- to be treated low/ hold a position of less importance

Complete the following sentence with these idioms: 
1. If you do something really good for the world, future generations will ____.
2. I don’t agree with you on this matter. So don’t______
3. If we don’t complete the work by tomorrow we will have _____
4. The president’s frank speech _____with the audience.
5. Most of the students’ _______for the Student Leader’s college campus reforms.
6. He left the company as he did not want ______ to the new manager.
7.  It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when there is a power- cut during a storm. So don’t_____.

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