Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Listening Skill: exercise

Listen to the following passage read out by your teacher and complete the exercise:

It is everyone’s desire to have a personality that is appreciated and admired by all. Personality is the
combination of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects in a person. If you wish to
enhance your personality, start by respecting yourself and believing in your ability to win respect from others.  Have a positive attitude. In your interaction with others be polite and gentle, doing good to them and for them as far as possible. Give importance to your words. Speak only when it is required and is of utmost necessity. What you say has tremendous power….. it can hurt, it can heal, it can charm or it can harm. A kind word can support a person, motivate him and make him feel good. Be devoted and committed to your work.

Remember you are always a learner even when you have climber up the ladder of position and success. The higher you reach the more humble you should be. The meaning of life is to grow, but grow with changes for the better. Your personality shows when you have a positive outlook, the right
communication, a commitment to work, the will to serve others and humble acceptance of success.

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences:

1. Personality is the combination of physical _______, spiritual and ______ aspects of a person.
2. We should have ______attitude to everything.
3. We should speak only when required  and when of utmost little and only with _______
4. Words have the power of  ____ one  or discouraging one.
5. The higher you reach the more _______ you should be.

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