Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vocabulary: Attitude - English exercise

Here are a few words that describe the attitudes of people. Also listed below are some situations/ persons you would associate the words with, March the items appropriately.

Helpful, sympathetic, co-operative, headstrong, obedient

a. Rahim always takes the neighbur’s children to school on his way to the bus-stop. He is _______________

b. Raghav always establishes his views firmly. He refuses to listen to others. He never changes
his opinion. he can be termed _____________

c. Robert’s friend Nazeer is weak is solving problems. Every evening Robert sits with him and
teaches him to work out difficult problems. Robert is ______ Nazeer.

d. Class X A is very ___________ with their teachers. All the students are _____and are
interested in team –work.

Here are some synonyms associated with the attitudes listed below. With the help of a dictionary, try to complete the words:

Attitudes              -            Synonyms

1) Invidious                             un_u_t

2) Reverent                             re _ p _ ct_ u_

3) Generous                            ben _ v _ I _ nt

4) Unsophisticated                 inex _ er _ e _ ced

5) Hostile                                 op _ os _ ng

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