Friday, October 16, 2015


1.       Discuss in small groups
·         If you want to give away something of your onto the needy, would it be better to ask your elders first?

·         Is there someone of your age in the family who is very talkative? Do you find her / him interesting and impressive or otherwise? Share your ideas with others in the group.

·         Has Rukku Manni done exactly the same as the children? In your opinion, then, is it right for one party to blame the other?

2.       Read the following.
·         A group of children in your class are going toliv in a hostel.
·         They have been asked to choose a person in the group to share a room with.
·         They are asking each other questions to decide who they would like to share a room with.
Ask one another questions about likes? Dislikes? Preferences / hobbies / personal characteristics. Use the following questions and sentence openings.

(1)    What do you enjoy doing after school?
                   E enjoy…….
(2)    What do you like in general?
I like ……
(3)    Do you play any game?
I don’t like
(4)    Would you mind if  I listened to music after dinner?
I wouldn’t…
(5)    Will it be all right if i…?
Hit’s fine with me…
(6)    Is there anything you dislike, particularly?
Well, I can’t share…
(7)    Do you like to attend parties?
(8)    Would you say you are…?

I think……… 

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