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Look AT Part – A and Part – B
Part – a                                               part - B
Ramya is a girl.                             Ramya is a cheerful girl.
The jasmine is a flower.              The Jasmine is a fragrant flower.

When you add the adjectives ‘cheerful’ and ‘fragrant’ to the nouns ‘girl’ and flower,’ the meaning of the nouns gets qualified and enhanced.

1.       A green frog
2.       A sad boy
3.       A lovely pond

4.       An English teacher


Underline the adjectives in the following sentences:

Kolkata is a large city. 
I am well.
Kamala is a smart girl.
Netaji was a courageous leader.
The clever girl was praised by the teacher.


There are many kinds of adjectives

Adjectives of Quality (Descriptive Adjectives).

They answer the question: Of What Kind?
1.       The ant is a tiny but wise creature.
2.       He is an honest man.
3.       The Taj Mahal is a wonderful building.

Adjectives of Quantity:
They answer the question: How much?
1.       She ate the whole apple.
2.       Babu ate some rice
3.       He showed much patience
4.       He spent all his money.

Adjectives of Number (Numeral adjectives).
They answer the question: How many?
For example, how many children are present in the class?

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