Thursday, November 5, 2015

know the meanings of the words

Place upon         : require of
To herald            : to bring in
The dawn of       : the beginning of
Secular                : independent of religion
Follow in the footprints of    : be directed by
Spell                    : influence

Instantaneous     : in the moment
Surges        : rushes forward
Mighty     :   strong
Verbal       : spoken  
Bond             :   the state of being bound, tied up
Kindled        : awakened
Patriotism       :  love of the motherland
Profound        : deep and strong
Called on          -   visited
Insurrection     -taking political control with violence
Coined      - created
Rousing      -full of energy and enthusiasm
Comrades      - companions
Troops      -army
Patriotism      - devotion to the country
Posthumously    - after death.

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