Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Numeral Adjectives are of 3 kinds- Definite, Indefinite and Distributive

a.       Definite Numeral Adjectives:
They denote an exact number.
1.       The hand has five fingers.
2.       We have two eyes to see.
3.       She ate three bananas.
4.       Sunday is the first day of the week.
5.       Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian- born woman to go to space.
6.       Manmohan Singh is the fourteenth Prime Minister of India.

b.      Indefinite Numeral Adjectives:
They do not denote an exact number.

1.       I have many pencils.
2.       He is a man of few words. [He doesn’t talk much].
3.       He needs no introduction. [Everyone knows him.]

Examples: all, no, many, few, some, any, several

a.       Distributive Numeral Adjectives:
They refer to each one of a number.
1.       Every man has his duties.
2.       Each boy must take his turn.
3.       Either cycle will do.

Demonstrative adjectives:
They answer the question: Which?

1.       That boy is industrious.
2.       This school is famous
3.       I hate such things.
Those mangoes are sweet

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