Tuesday, December 29, 2015

English exercise - spelling work

A.      Choose the phrase that is closest to the meaning of the words and phrases given in italics.

1.       The summer temperature soars past 105˚C F in North India.
(a)    Runs forward    b) grows over   c) increases to    d) flies high

2.       Indian summer is like a blast furnace.
a)      Space for heating solids   b) cooking area   c) fire cracker   d) exploding bomb

3.       There will be an exodus because of the lack of water.
a)      An end to life   b) mass departure of people  c) a great famine  d) an exciting argument

4.       This one dissolves into shouting……
a)      Suddenly starts   b) melts into liquid   c) disappears quickly   d) grows weaker

5.       We keep shooing them away to find water.
a)      Forcing someone to do something   b) sending someone away  c) providing footwear   d) silencing someone

B.      Spellings (work in pairs) :

Form the right from the jumbled ones given below and write your answers in the space provided.
1.       Ggcloed ……..
2.       Wayalyel ____
3.       Loggeoical ______
4.       Snoistei ______

5.       Onctainers ______

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