Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Examples for Interrogative, possessive, emphasizing, proper adjectives

Interrogative Adjectives:

They question, What, Which, Whose to receive information
1.       What time is it?
2.       Which way shall we go?
3.       That car is this?

Possessive Adjectives
They answer to the questions, whose?
Their relatives came here.
1.       His mother loves me as own son.
2.       Our house is in the corner of the street.
3.       Your aim must be high.

Emphasizing Adjectives:
The words own and very and used as Emphasizing Adjectives
1.       I saw the incident with my own eyes.
2.       Man is his own master.
3.       This is the very thing I want

Proper Adjectives:

They are formed from proper nouns.
1.       An Indian writer

2.       An American Dollar. 

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