Wednesday, May 4, 2016


1. Pick out the right greetings for the following occasions :

1. When you meet your close friend -

2. When you meet your Teacher / Superior –

3. When you meet somebody in the afternoon –

4. When you meet somebody in the afternoon after a long gap –

5. When you meet somebody at night –

6. When you depart from somebody at night –

2.Greetings are exchanged during festivals and anniversaries. Fix the occasion for the following greetings.

Happy Diwali        -     Diwali

Happy Pongal       -

Happy New Year   -

Merry Christmas   -

Id Mubarak           -

Happy Birthday     -

Happy Anniversary -

Many Many Happy Returns of the day -

3.Greeting is also a message of good wish to somebody’s health, happiness, etc. Here are a few greetings that we use commonly.

Have a good day !
Nice day to you
Wish you a successful day
Joyful trip to you
A happy journey to you
God bless you
Safe journey to you
Let the blessings of God be with you
Showers of blessings on you
All the best
Best of luck
Good luck
Come out with flying colours
Wish you a speedy recovery
When and to whom will you use the above mentioned wishes?

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