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grammar-Letter Writing

Letter Writing

1. Informal or personal letters

2. Formal or official letters

Informal letters are written to our relatives, friends and others.We use friendly and conversational style.

Note below the different parts of an informal letter :

                                                                         1          Kitchen Cupboard
                                                                                      Mouse Town
                                                                                     11th March 2150

Dear Cousin               2

I have been ill with a cough and my doctor feels I need a holiday. He has asked me to spend a week in the country side. May I please stay with you?
                                                      With warm regards,              3

                                                                                                  4          Yours affectionately,
                                                                                                                 Town Cousin

The Mouse Hole           5
Mouse Country

The different parts of an informal letter are

1. The Heading
2. Greeting or Salutation
3. Body of the letter
4. Leave taking or subscription
5. Address on the envelope or the superscription

Formal Letters are business letters, invitations, applications, etc. We use polite and serious style. Note below the parts of a formal letter


         G.Elizabeth                                                                                                  Chennai
        14, Anna Salai                                              ->1<-                                    9th August 1998


          The Headmistress
          Govt. Girls Hr.Sec.School

         Chennai -5.


               My parents have planned to go to Shrine Velankanni at Nagapattinam. Please grant me leave for three days from 10.8.1998.
                                                      Thanking you,

                                                                                                        5    Yours obediently
The Headmistress,
Govt. Girls Hr. Sec. School,             6
Chennai - 5.

1. The date and the heading
2. Address of the receiver
3. Greeting or salutation
4. Body of the letter
5. Leave taking or subscription

6. Address on the envelope or superscription

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