Sunday, December 4, 2016

grammar - when we use conjuctions

Many words are used to connect sentences and those words give the passage the much needed 

Eg. I reached the station.

The train left.

I reached the station but the train had left

The word ‘but’ emphasizes the point that the train had left before I reached the station and also enriches the text.


1. Jenifer has answered the question.

2. Beulah has answered the question.

3. Both are not very clear about the answers.

‘Both’ in sentence 3 emphasizes the fact that Jenifer and Beulah have not answered properly and the word ‘both’ enriches the sentence.

The words ‘but’ and ‘both’ connect the sentences and enrich the meaning.

A few more conjunctions are and, or, because, etc.

Read the following passage and underline the conjunctions:

Malliga, a village girl wanted to get admission in a college in the city. She went to the bank to get a loan. But the manager was not there. She waited for him and met him. He refused to sanction the loan because she had no account in the bank. She immediately went home. But neither her mother nor
her father was at home. Both had left for the fields. She was not only shocked but also disappointed. She decided to go to the bank the next day.

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