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Conversation between two friends

Conversation between two friends

Example-1      Conversation Regarding Giving Entrance Exam

Raju: Hey Priya, what are you planning to do after graduation?

Priya: I'm still not very sure, have not decided yet. What have you decided to do after completing graduation?

Raju: I'm planning to give Banks Entrance Exam.

Priya: Which Exam?

Raju: Its PO entrance exam. If I will clear it, i, will get a good government banking job.Government jobs are best to secure our future.

Priya: Hmmm, really good. I think i should also plan to give some entrance exam to get a good job.

Raju: Yes, sure. Competition is too high now days and doing just graduation is not enough to secure our future. We need to do something unique to get good job.

Priya: You have very good plans for your future. Its very nice.

Raju: Now we should be going for our classes.

Priya: Yes come on we are getting late now.

           Conversation Regarding Starting Own Business

Thilagan: Hey, Sudharsan  what's going on?

Sudharsan: Nothing just came for a break. What happened to you? Since last few days you seem to be quite upset.

Thilagan: Daily client is shouting for the issues for which we are not even responsible. Now i can't bear this thing any more. And again the salary that we get is not enough to make our living.

Sudharsan: That's true. But what can we do.

Thilagan: I'm planning to start my own business.

Sudharsan: What type of business?

Thilagan: Same work, that we are doing right now but independently. Now i don't want to work under any boss. I want to be Boss of myself.

Sudharsan: But for this you will need clients. From where you will get them.

Thilagan: Don't know. Will try to start from the local market. After all we need to take a start from somewhere. Else life will be spent like this only in thinking. Why don't you also join me.

Sudharsan: Will you make me your partner?

Thilagan: Why not. See we are good colleagues and friends too. If we will work together there could be better outputs.

Sudharsan: Why not lets go ahead with our plan and try out our luck.

Thilagan: Sure, if we will try God will also help us out.

          Conversation On New Year

kesika: Hi Hanitha, what are you doing?

Hanitha: Hi kesika, I am planning for the coming new year. It's so exciting every time when new year is almost to arrive.

kesika: Really, whats your plan for the coming new year? I've not even thought of anything yet.

Hanitha: It's a surprise. Tell me what will be yours this year's resolution?

kesika: Not thought of yet, but may be not to get any more scold of Teachers. :) What will be yours?

Hanitha: Mine is to complete schools work before doing anything else.

kesika: That's really nice. Now tell me what else you are planning for on this new year?

Hanitha: I was thinking to organize a get together of family and friends both. What do you think about this?

kesika: Not a bad idea, infact great. In daily, now a days people hardly get anytime to meet each other and have a word of talk.

Hanitha: Yes, like this every one meet, talk, celebrate and enjoy. It will be a great fun.

kesika: I was thinking to go to some Hill station on this new year. But still didn't got time to have words with ma papa.

Hanitha: This is also nice. You will have a great outing like this and a break from daily schedule.

kesika: Yes, we all need it.

Hanitha: Do click great snaps over there and tell me afterwards how your experience was. I will be really waiting to hear how your new year celebration was.

kesika: Ya sure. I will also be excited to hear, how your get together was. Do click great snaps so that we can share and enjoy our experiences.

            Conversation On Diwali

shalini: Hey hi, How are you?

Leela: I'm fine, how are you? Tell me how was your Diwali?

shalini: It was Fab. We enjoyed a lot. We lighted up so many lamps and enjoyed crackers too.

Leela: Mine was also great. First of all we did Diwali Pujan with Ganesh Ji and Laxmi ji Statue and then we lightened up so many lamps. Our home was sparkling up with lights and joys and Happiness that Diwali brings with it.

shalini: Ya, its a great festival and one of the most important one. I simply love Diwali.

Leela :  Which sweet you use to enjoy on Diwali?

shalini: My Mom makes, Gujiya, Barfi and many other types of sweets on the occasion of Diwali. I simple love sweets so i enjoy all types of sweets. What sweets do you like on Diwali?

Leela: I'm not that too fond of sweets, but yes i, also love to eat Gujiya's.

shalini: On Diwali there are so many guests that use to come and give their best wishes for the upcoming new year. I love all this tradition.

Leela: We also use to go and visit our relatives. In fact now a days we have started to do a combined get together on the occasion of Diwali. In this celebration the entire family is invited and we use to enjoy a lot.
Leela: We use to organize different types of games both for children's and adults. Even we use to plan some games specially for couples. It is a great fun.

shalini: Wow, it sounds so exciting. I'll also propose this idea on next coming Diwali. I'm sure everyone will enjoy and this will definitely double the happiness of everyone.

Leela: Ya it will. Now we should go for our classes. Recess is over.

shalini  :   O.k. Lets go.

        Conversation about how to improve grammar?

Saran: Hi, Madhav.

Madhav.: Hi. What's up?

Saran: I was just thinking of how I, can improve my grammar. I really want to, but, have no idea from where to start.

Madhav.: It's very easy take up any English grammar book and start reading it. Along reading do solve its given exercises.

Saran: Have you also read any grammar book?

Madhav.: Yes, of course and i love that book. I studied grammar with the help of Wren n Martin English grammar book. And believe me no book could be better than it.

Saran: Can I borrow your book for few days?

Madhav.: Ya sure, why not. Tomorrow i will bring it.

Saran: Oh, that's great. Thank you so much for your help and favor.

Madhav.: Anytime. Along with this, it will be good if you read English newspaper or magazine or anything that will help you to improve your fluency too.

Saran: Sure why not. Again thanks for your great tips. I will definitely follow them and work out with them.

Example 6

(Sudhan and Gopi are friends. Gopi wants to have a dog while Sudhan already has one.)

Sudhan : Hi, Gopi! You wanted to have a pet dog.

Gopi : Yes, of course! Could you please help me in finding one?

Sudhan : My aunt has got one Alsatian pup and a Mastiff pup to sell. Would you like to buy from her?

Gopi : I don’t know much about the breeds. Can you tell me something about both the breeds?

Sudhan : Well. An Alsatian and a Mastiff have quite a lot in common. Both are good watch-dogs. They are quite large.

Gopi : Then I’ll have the Alsatian. Can you take me to your aunt’s house, this evening?

Sudhan : I’m sorry, I’ve to attend the music class, this evening.But my aunt’s house is quite close-by, you know?

Gopi : In that case, could you please tell me how to reach her house?

Sudhan : Oh, sure! Go by this main road and turn left. Her house is the fifth one on the right side opposite the bakery.

Gopi : OK. See you then.

Note: In the above conversation between Gopi and Sudhan, you find the modals ‘can’ and ‘could’ used repeatedly for asking if someone is willing to do something and for asking for information.

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