Tips for successful interview - preparation and during interview

Successful Interview Tips

It’s often said that job interviews are like blind dates. You never know what to expect. Your resume and skills may be solid, but cracking the job interview successfully could prove to be a daunting task in itself. Even the best resume might call for an unpredictable outcome since first impression, confidence, research skills, body language and endless other protocols are considered during the hiring process. So, how do you shake off the stress and doubts associated with a job interview? Below are some proven ideas to ace a job interview.

Preparing for an interview

Attending interviews is a normal activity for most job seekers. But it calls for a great deal of preparation. Given below is a checklist on how to face an interview.

Proper Preparation

First and foremost, you must know all the requirements of a position. Also, you must acquaint yourself thoroughly with the company’s background. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the company’s annual reports, customer base, prime products, challenges faced by them and other relevant information that can help you navigate through some of the questions that are pertaining solely about the company. The interviewer may silently admire the fact that you were smart enough to spend time on research work. It will also showcase your eagerness to learn. Needless to say, proper preparation will boost your confidence level as well. Even the best successful interview tips will do no good if you fail to prepare in advance. So, do not hurt your chances of landing the dream job due to lack of proper preparation.

Before the interview

. Organize all necessary documents and testimonials.

. Find out the exact location of the office along with the time and date of the interview.

.Wear formal, neat attire.

. At the office be polite and patient; not nervous or irritable.

.Walk with confidence.

At the interview

Wish all members of the interview panel collectively - “Good morning ladies and gentlemen”.

.Do not sit unless you are asked to. Say a polite ‘thank you’ once seated. Sit comfortably without slouching.

.Place the file you are carrying on the table and your palms should rest lightly on the knees.

.Be alert and listen intently. If you have not heard the question, politely ask the interviewer to repeat it.

.Be confident.

How to prepare for an interview

.Be thorough in the subject of your specialization.

.General Knowledge questions (on politics, economic affairs, scientific matters, sports, etc.) are most likely to be asked.Brush up your knowledge on these subjects.

.Be sure of the nature of the job you have applied for.

.Talk about your work experience if any.

.Do your homework on the organization you are seeking employment at.

.Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t over or under-estimate yourself.

.Unusual questions will be asked sometimes. If you don’t know the answer boldly say so.

.Do not show frustration or irritation if this is the nth interview you are attending

.Speak simple, grammatically correct English with clarity.Do not use pompous language.

This is a list of “magic words” (words that employers love to hear or see, either in your resume or in person).

.Increased sales or profits
.Innovative solutions

Dress for Success

First impression counts, and well-dressed individuals usually make a good first impression. Needless to say, the dress code for the interview could vary from company to company. As a general rule, your clothing has to be neat, clean, properly pressed and not flashy at all. Also, cover your tattoos, if possible. Remember, you need to dress in accordance to the job you want and not the one you have at the moment. Lastly, polish your shoes and carry a breath mint which you can have before entering the premise. If you look good, you will feel good and you will have a better chance of storming the interview process.

Be Yourself

One of the common mistakes that most candidates do is that they appear scripted. This could sometimes be a result of over preparation. While thorough preparation in advance is a must, it’s not a good idea to sound scripted. Remember, answering too quickly without any pause shows signs of rehearsed answers. So, your conversation should have a decent pace. You should not be too quick or too slow with your answers. Also, make sure that your answers are concise and up to the point.

Make a Grand Exit

It’s important that you leave the interview room with the right picture of you. Towards the end, thank the interviewer for his/her time and remind the person of your strengths, experiences and your eagerness to work for the company. It’s also important to keep your enthusiasm level high at all times. The bottom line is that you should be seen as a very serious candidate. So, practice well in advance to deliver a well-planned closing statement without sounding unnatural.

Last but not the least, make sure to reach ahead of time. Allowing extra time will enable you to stay focused and relaxed. Deep breathing will also help. It will supply oxygen to the brain, thereby allowing clear thinking. So, incorporate these successful interview tips to celebrate success in your new job hunt.


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